Every design must be approved before it gets published to your Storefront. We approve designs Monday through Friday between 8am and 5pm ET.

When approving designs, we basically just want to make sure your design does not contain any violations of copyright or inappropriate content. Please don't take things from the internet (photos, artwork, images, etc.) and upload them to your designs. The original creator of that art owns the copyright, and would not be acceptable to sell someone else's art on our apparel.

The only exception to this rule is artwork that is now in the public domain. Most works before 1900 (or where the artist has been dead for 100 years) are in the public domain. To see some great titles currently in the public domain, check out our Literature subcategory.

You can see more info about why designs get marked as "not approved" over here in our advanced user FAQ.

Please note, if you edit your design, it will return to "pending mode" and go live once it is approved again.


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