If you want your shirt to be printed using standard print locations (such as full chest or left chest), please use the graphics on this page as a guide when creating your own design in the design center.

For the most part, we will print everything exactly as you designed it. However, we might adjust your design slightly if you are clearly aiming for a certain standard. For example, if a design looks like all of the elements are centered, but our art department notices one element is slightly off-center, we will go ahead and center everything for you.

Vertical Positioning:

When aligning your design vertically, it's all about centering. Try to get the center of your design to align roughly near your armpits, while also staying within the "full chest box" above.

Look at the examples below. The green dashed line is the centering armpit line.

For shirts with low necklines, like v-necks or some tank tops, the top of the design usually starts at about 3/4 inch from the collar. 

Helpful Tips:

If you have any specific requests, be sure to add them to the Special Instructions field during checkout.

Let's say you would like a left chest design. First, look at the Left Chest graphic at the top of the page. Then, do your best to fit your design within that imaginary box in the design center. Then, when checking out, in the special instructions, simply write:

I want this to be a Left Chest design.

Our art department will use the Left Chest standard to make sure your design looks like a classic left chest design.

See below for more do's and don'ts when using the design center.

If you are expecting a standard center chest print, then...

If you are expecting a standard left chest print, then...

If you really want your design to be printed on your belly, and you want to be extra sure that we know it, please leave a message in the Special Instructions.

For maternity designs, it is usually clear when the design should be printed on the belly. Those are no problem.



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